A - Z of Tate Ward

A - Z of Tate Ward

B is for Bulgari

‘I introduced Liz to beer, she introduced me to Bulgari’ - Richard Burton
Since its founding by Sotirios Voulgaris in 1884 the name Bulgari has been synonymous with creativity and glamour.  The simplicity and elegance of Bulgari’s early pieces were influenced by Byzantine and Islamic Art, giving rise to some of Bulgari’s most popular designs such as the Serpenti bracelet watch and Trombino ring. Even in its earliest pieces, Bulgari experimented with integrating motifs from the natural world with a pared down Deco simplicity. The combination of the natural with the graphic was carried through into the House’s second generation when it launched the floral brooch known as ‘en tremblant’ in the 1950s. The glamour of these new pieces, loaded with diamonds and cabochon cut jewels, established Bulgari’s long running love affair Hollywood. The timelessness of the Bulgari brand is plainly illustrated by the repeat appearance of the same pieces on the red carpet, such as the 1959 bracelet that Naomi Campbell wore to 2019’s Met Gala, which had already been sported on the red carpet by a plethora of stars, including Julia Roberts, Jennifer Garner and Reese Witherspoon. Andy Warhol’s description of Bulgari as ‘the most important museum of contemporary art’ is a testament to Bulgari’s immense cultural presence, whether on the red carpet or off it.
We have several Bulagri pieces already consigned to our Jewellery auction. Tate Ward are currently consigning for the December jewellery auction, get in touch for a free jewellery valuation or email our jewellery specliaist, Francesca, for more information.  



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