Urban Art

The 21st century has seen an urban liberation of art media, pushing through the conventional parameters of paper, cardboard and canvas and on to pavement, sidewalks, subways and the bricks of buildings. As the personification of movement, freedom and spontaneity, Street Art has taken centre stage, both literally in scale and visibility and in its burgeoning popularity.

This most expressive art form has now turned itself into an elaborate language, encrypted in a range of unique styles and has now become an established art form available to all to enjoy around the world.
Urban Art is now firmly established as one of the most exciting collecting fields therefore Tate Ward Auction's inaugural sale is the Urban Art auction in April 2019.
Prints and Multiples are offered alongside original artworks as we want to promote art for everyone at a variety of price points. These dedicated sales are held quarterly and are hosted alongside the specialist Post War and Contemporary Art and Modern & Post-War British Art sales.
We hope to soon establish ourselves as a market leader in this sector, as our specialists have many years of experience in collecting, buying and selling works in this field and of achieving outstanding results for both buyers and sellers for works by artists such as Banksy, Invader, KAWS, Shepard Fairey, JR, Stik, Keith Haring, Barry McGee, and Os Gemeos, and many others.
Urban and Street art is all around us here in East London making Tate Ward the ideal location for anyone to come in and talk to our team about this genre of art.
Tate Ward will partner with new artists to showcase their work and continue to popularise established artists by way of Live Auction, Private sale, selling and free-to-enter exhibitions and events.


Danny Herbert

Urban & Contemporary Art

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Harry Brian Parkinson

Urban & Contemporary Art

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