Notices for Purchasers

Our lots are almost exclusively antique or second hand and as such should be expected to have small signs of wear and use commensurate with the age of the piece

Viewing days are held prior to auctions.

We recommend that you view any items you intend to purchase as refunds will not be given for buyer’s remorse. This doesn’t affect your statutory rights.


Advancements in technology have led to some diamonds being treated in a number of ways, all designed to improve their appearance or alter their colour. Processes include but are not necessarily limited to: fracture filling, laser drilling, a combination of drilling and filling, HPHT treatment, irradiation and various coatings. Buyers are also alerted to the fact that synthetic diamonds are now produced in large quantities. Whilst every effort is made to identify or disclose treated and synthetic goods, it is not possible for Tate Ward to guarantee that all diamond set lots do not contain such material.

Tate Ward do not knowingly offer treated diamonds for sale, unless a gemmological opinion disclosing the type of treatment has been obtained and the treatment would be stated within the item description.

Jewellery & Gemstones

Purchasers are advised that whilst great care has been taken in the examination of gemstones, it is not possible to test every gemstone in multi-gemstone lots.

Coloured Gemstones

Purchasers are advised that whilst great care has been taken in the examination of gemstones, it is not possible to test every gemstone within the constraints of time and equipment available outside of laboratory conditions. Any gemstone not provided with a laboratory report has been assessed by Tate Ward within the limitations of any mounting and an opinion has been given where possible.

Historically, many coloured gemstones have been subjected to a variety of treatments designed to enhance their appearance. Certain enhancement methods, such as heating, are routinely used to alter aspects of rubies, sapphires, and other gemstones. Oiling is often undertaken to enhance the clarity of emeralds. The international jewellery trade has generally accepted these and other enhancement methods. Some treatments are permanent whereas others may only be semi-permanent, possibly requiring further re-treatment in order to retain their appearance.

Because of the widespread variety of treatments within the jewellery industry, prospective purchasers should assume that all gemstones will have been treated unless statements are made to the contrary. Gemmological reports from internationally recognised Gemmological Laboratories will be noted in the item description where available.

Weights and Measures

Estimated diamond weights, colours and clarities given by Tate Ward are intended as guides for prospective purchasers, with the given limitations of mounts and settings, and are opinions only, not guaranteed by Tate Ward.

Weights of coloured gemstones offered are extrapolated on the estimated dimensions, using trade standard formula. Due to the traditional cutting techniques for coloured gemstones it is possible there may be discrepancy between the stated estimate and the unmounted weight.

Measurements and weights provided are estimates only.

The information stated in reports is the opinion of the respective laboratory and is not necessarily the opinion of Tate Ward auctioneers.


Due to opening of some case backs or possible deterioration of seals, we recommend that watches are re-sealed by an authorised technician to ensure any stated water resistance is retained.

Whilst Tate Ward makes every attempt to identify and disclose any custom attributes where possible, the absence of any disclosure is not a guarantee of authenticity, Tate Ward accepts no liability if an item is later found to be with non-brand alterations. Neither is it always possible to authenticate every component, this includes individual external and movement parts, watch glasses, hands, straps and buckles, this is often due to items having been previously maintained outside of authorised workshops, Tate Ward are therefore unable to accept any liability if any component or part is later found to be with issue – this includes compatible yet non-original brand parts and/or numbering that may limit maintenance options through workshops in the future.

Items may have export restrictions for customers outside of the EU

Export of Gemstones, Watches, Handbags, Accessories and Parts containing materials from Endangered Species:

Many of the articles offered have components, or are parts which may contain material(s) derived from endangered or protected animal materials e.g. alligator, crocodile skin and as such are prohibited by law to be exported by Tate Ward without a CITES permit. Tate Ward are therefore required to remove any restricted strap prior to delivery of the watch and buckle/clasp, and are unable to ship from their offices any other restricted part. It is the responsibility of the prospective buyer to understand and comply with any restrictions.

Lots containing ivory, tortoiseshell, coral, etc. may require export or CITES licences in order to leave the UK or the EU. It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure that lots have the relevant licences before shipping them.

Please also note that some countries such as the United States prohibit the purchased and import of objects originating from certain countries such as Iran, Persia and Burma/Myanmar. It is the buyer's responsibility to satisfy themselves that the lot being purchased may be imported in the country of destination. 


Tate Ward routinely provides a number of viewing days to enable prospective bidders the opportunity to view and inspect any item prior to sale. It is assumed that any buyer who has viewed an item is able to make an informed decision and was sufficiently satisfied to bid. Neither Tate Ward nor its employees, agents or Vendors may accept liability for the correctness of such opinions, and all conditions and warranties, express, implied or statutory are hereby excluded.

Condition Report

Statements in the catalogue regarding the condition of lots in this sale may appear in the description, however, the absence of such a reference does not imply a lack of damage or wear, or lack of any further faults within the piece.

Please note that Tate Ward offer condition reports on almost every lot offered. Our condition reports are the opinion of Tate Ward and should only be referenced as a guide. We highly recommend that a prospective buyer views in person or sends a representative to satisfy themselves to the condition, originality and suitability of a piece(s) before bidding.